Launch Site Rules

  1. Rocket flights are not allowed without Club officer present.
  2. Do not launch rockets over the parking lot. Launch rods must be angled away or to the sides of the parking lot.
  3. When the range is closed, do not enter the area unless specifically directed to by the LCO.
  4. While launching rockets, spectators along the front rope line must stand up, and be prepared to move quickly in case of a problem.
  5. Do not catch rockets.
  6. In case a rocket goes unstable or otherwise crashes, the range is closed, and adults only take firefighting equipment to the site and determine if there is any fire danger. (no flights until an ok is received from fire safety crew)
  7. Please keep the entrance to the range clear. No throwing objects in the parking area.
  8. Do not bend the launch rods. If you need help getting your rocket on the pad, please ask
  9. Club officers have the final authority on safety issues, including stability evaluation, and launch area rules. Individuals who disregard club officers’ instructions will be asked to leave the launch site.
  10. You need a flight card for every flight. You MUST have your name and motor information entered on the flight card.
  11. All rockets require some form of motor retention. Rockets with loose motors will not pass safety inspection.