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GO for launch -- updated 4/13/2107

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CRASH holds sport launches twice each month year 'round. Launches are held on the first Sunday at Noon and the third Saturday at 10:00 AM at Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood. NOTE: The launch on June 4, 2017 is cancelled due to another event at the park. We encourage you to support Northern Colorado Rocketry at Mile High Mayhem.Everyone is welcome to attend.  There is no fee for launching with us, but contributions are welcome, and will help us maintain and improve our equipment.

CRASH is National Association of Rocketry Section 482.  We conduct all of our launches in accordance with the Model Rocket Safety Code.

CRASH conducts FAA-notified, non-waivered launches. This means that we can fly rockets with a maximum gross liftoff weight of 1,500 grams (approximately 3.3 lbs., or 52 oz.), and a propellant weight limit of 125 grams. This propellant limit includes some 38mm AeroTech reloadable H-class motors (H123, H242), as well as a few others. If you are unsure if a certain motor - or combination of motors - is permitted, please ask before flying.

Please note that we will be flying under dry weather rules, including enhanced safety inspections, with no clusters or staged rockets See FAQ's for details

Please Note: NAR has imposed a temporary flight restriction on Cesaroni VMAX motors. Any flights on a CTI VMAX must use at least one electronic system installed for primary recovery. These electronics need to be able to handle the short G period of these motors to insure “Flight in progress” triggers.